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Leaning basics in Photography

We cannot fully claim that traditional photography is different from modern photography, since both methods use the same laws and techniques. The illumination should be the focus of the lens towards the subject at its optimum exposure and angle, maintaining the form and pattern of the images, etc. In photography, three basic knowledge matters to be applied and these are the following: white balance, resolution and digital effects.

White balance is essentially the difference in the lighting temperatures which will either make the colors appear warmer or colder in hue and saturation. Warmer temperatures in contrast to the white balance will most likely create a reddish or sepia-like effect in the images. The photos would most like to end up looking greenish or bluish in color when at cooler temperatures. For conventional photography it depends the perspective and the intensity of light. When you want to achieve a specific effect in the image, there is a specific angle, light and dark exposure and hue and saturation. But in modern photography, in all modern photography tools there is what we call auto balance or auto mode which is the best choice for anyone who just starts taking photographs.

On the other hand, the resolution covers picture quality and meaning. It is determined by points per inch, and the accuracy of the measurement depends on how high and low. When there are fewer dots per inch, the resolution is low-quality while the high-quality version has more dots per inch. Why is it important? This matter because if you want to have a clear and fine image in which you can zoom in to see more of the image details, then you should choose a high resolution for such images. For gadgets the image resolution depends on how small the camera’s mega-pixel is. The greater the resolution of the camera’s megapixel quality, the better the captured image will be. When you are just trying to take pictures for web purposes then it will be appropriate to have a low megapixel resolution camera, but if you want to capture photographs to be printed on large images such as tarpaulins and posters then you would certainly need high-resolution camera.

Digital effects are the least to prioritize in capturing images but it adds a certain beauty to the photograph. Digital effects may be eliminating red eyes due to the presence of light while taking the picture, or taking the image in a landscape or portrait, or in a scenery. But digital effects are further expanded by sending the images to the computer and editing it using photo editing software. Photography is not a talent but an ability that needs to be perfected. From time to time taking pictures will help you develop your skills.

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